Anchor Yourself in your Dreams, Values, and Beliefs


Me at the Wayhome music festival! I think this picture in a way could represent me holding on tight to my dreams, values, and beliefs. Anchoring them down, holding them tight so that I don’t get lost, sacred, and alone…

I was thinking about how sometimes we can feel like we’ve lost ourselves a little bit. I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day, and sometimes you either get out of a really long relationship, or you come back from being abroad, and suddenly you feel a bit lost. And most likely you were slowly losing bits of yourself along the way, but because you were so wrapped up in your relationship, or your experiences, that you didn’t realize that you lost yourself until it was all over. Sometimes it’s a good thing to lose yourself a little bit, and come back a new person, a better version of yourself, but here I’m talking about when you lose yourself and now you’re in a rebuilding phase.

I personally have felt lost on more than one occasion, and it can be very scary, and depressing as well. I think a lot of us can relate to this overwhelming feeling of what the fuck is happening?!?! Where am I?!?! What the hell am I doing?!?! And where the heck am I going?!?! And based on my experiences, I think the best way to get out of these sorts of situations or even to avoid these situations is to anchor yourself in your dreams, beliefs and values. These are the things that define who You are and what You want to be. The second you start to second guess these things, or your start to forget about these things, is when you slowly start to lose who you are.

Most of the time when we start to let go of ourselves we don’t do it on purpose. If anything we start to let go of these things out of fear, and then we end up in a dark place even more afraid than when we started! Because I feel like I’ve lost myself a bit on more than one occasion, I feel like I hold onto more of myself each time, and I get better and better at coming back to what I truly believe is right for me. You always know deep in your heart what is best for you, what you want, and who you want to be, the trick is to trust yourself and it will happen. However, we are our worst enemies as well, and we second guess ourselves all the time, which is why we always feel like we need to “find ourselves,” and “figure out what we want.” But really, we always know what that is, we just need to start listening to ourselves, and believing in ourselves. Easier said than done, but you really don’t have much of a choice. If you want to be happy, and successful you need to trust yourself and run with your dreams. Anchor yourself in your dreams, values, and beliefs and never let go! No matter how many nay sayers there are, you need to hold onto these, because if you let them go you will feel as though you are sinking into a dark hole, or floating off into an abyss where you can’t see the ground. That is a terrifying thought!

Now as scary as that might seem, sometimes we find comfort in our fears because our dreams seem so impossible to us that out of fear we choose to go against ourselves because we think we’re playing it safe. However, it is when we act out of fear that we hurt ourselves the most…I really hope this post doesn’t sound preachy. I’m still struggling with fear, self-doubt all the time. I’m not perfect, and I have a long way to go! But I try my best everyday. I know deep in my heart that fitness is my passion, and I know I’m good at what I do. It is my dream to build my career in the fitness industry, but there were times where I found myself on more than one occasion looking for some sort of office job, when I know full well that I would absolutely hate it! I even applied to a few lol but never really tried my best at it because I knew in my heart it wasn’t what I really wanted…Right now I’m a personal trainer, and I know that my job isn’t stable. The hours are crazy, it’s hard to find steady work throughout the year, and I don’t have benefits. It’s not an easy career choice, and there are many times where I worry, thinking what the fuck am I doing!?! How am I going to build a future doing this?!?! Plus my parents out of love and worry for their daughter, are constantly on my shit, asking me “do you have more clients?” “Are you ok?” “Are you sure this is the right job for you?” And honestly, I don’t know if this is the right job for me long-term… I know I want to be in the fitness industry, and I know I love what I do. But will I be doing this for 30 years? I don’t know!

Sometimes your nay sayers are the people closest to you, and they don’t mean to sabotage your dreams or to sacrifice who you are. They don’t even realize sometimes what they’re doing to you because what they are doing is out of fear, fear for you. They mean well, but they are projecting their fears onto you, and when you don’t have all the answers right away it is easy to start believing in these fears and to give up on your dreams. What I’m telling you is to never give up on your dreams! You may stumble, second guess, worry, I do all the time! But here I am still personal training, still bodybuilding, still teaching group classes, because this is what I believe to be my calling in life. Fitness is my passion, it is what I love to do! I would do it without getting paid! I mean, I still train everyday for my show, wake up early and do my fasted cardio because I love it! I’m not getting paid for it (not yet) haha and that’s what keeps me going. Knowing that this makes me happy, it’s my reason for getting up in the morning everyday, I know I am on the right path! It is a difficult path for sure, it’s not easy, and so far it hasn’t paid well, but I believe so much in myself, and that this is my life that I refuse to give up and not be successful! I have not yet succeeded. I am not coming from a place where I am holier than thou telling you what to do, I am a person who is struggling everyday to achieve her dreams. I am right there with you! So what I’m saying to you is, is that I believe in you! You can do anything you set your mind to! Just never forget who you are, what you want, and what you believe in! No matter how tough the road gets, or how convincing your nay sayers are, keep pushing!

Now you can’t do this half-ass! You gotta jump in with two feet. You can’t just be a personal trainer, or compete in shows and that’s it and hope you’re successful. You need to get out of your comfort zone, you need to push yourself to learn more, try new things, put yourself out there, and then maybe good things will come your way. I mean it took years for my friend Thansha to convince me to finally start writing a blog lol I never thought anyone would read it! But here I am writing a blog and apparently some people are reading it! lol Long story short, I realized I wasn’t doing enough to be successful. It is not enough to love something and think you’re good at it. You need to put it to the test and really put yourself into high gear if you want to get things going for yourself. This can apply to anything you do in life! Relationships, your career, your diet. You need to really want it, and really throw yourself into it, in order to see long-term success and happiness. Ain’t no body going to do it for you! No one, no man, no partner, is going to make you happy unless you can make yourself happy, and the only way to do that is to anchor yourself in your dreams, values, and beliefs. You will not be happy in a relationship or job if you sacrifice any of those things. Trust me I know, and I know you know, because you’ve sacrificed these things before thinking it was going to be good for you. Now that you know it’s not true, no matter how hard it may seem, never give up on yourself! I apologize for the borderline rant but sometimes this needs to be said because we forget all the time.

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