Staying Social on a Diet, How do you do it?

When I’m prepping for a show, a lot of people ask me, how do you do it? How can you still go to music festivals, road trips, parties? Are you crazy?!?!?! Maybe I am? LOL Fuck me right?!?! Haha but seriously, no matter what time of the year, whether I was prepping for a show or bulking, I never wanted to stop being social. This is because I am such a social person, that I refuse to give up this part of myself when I’m prepping. I also know that even though I want to be out with my friends, I will never sacrifice myself or my goals. THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! IT’S NOT EASY TO DO, AND DON’T FEEL BAD IF YOU AREN’T ABLE TO BE AS SOCIAL ON A DIET!! IT’S NOT WORTH PUTTING YOURSELF THROUGH STRESS AND SOCIAL PRESSURES IF YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T HANDLE IT! DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO STICK TO YOUR GOALS! NEVER SACRIFICE YOURSELF AND YOUR HAPPINESS OVER THINGS LIKE BEER AND WINGS… IF YOUR FRIENDS ARE YOUR FRIENDS, THEY WILL UNDERSTAND THAT YOU CAN’T COME OUT AS MUCH BECAUSE YOU’RE TRYING TO ACHIEVE A SPECIFIC GOAL!

However, that being said, it is possible to have a life and still try to lose weight or even just achieve better health. The key is balance, listening to your body, and saying NO to people when it counts. You need to want this goal of yours so much that nothing, absolutely NOTHING can get in your way! But be honest with yourself, do you really want this? Do you want to lose weight? Change your body? Do you want it enough to put in the work that you need to, to earn it? If you don’t want it bad enough it WILL NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN! You will never get the body you want, unless you are willing to put in the hard work and effort it takes to get there. Like I said in my last post, you need to commit to your goals as if you don’t have a choice.

I know it’s hard, it is so hard! And I don’t expect anyone to want to diet like I do for shows, not everyone will be able to do it. But if you want to change your overall lifestyle and health to achieve a healthier body weight/body composition then you can do it! You just need to be committed to it 110% Everyday you need to be committed to your goals, and you need to be consistent. You can’t diet for a couple of days, eat salad, workout, and then blow it all away on the weekend when you go drinking with your friends. You need to be so consistent with your diet by eating clean day in and day out, and working out consistently if you really want to see real results. Treats are only treats if they are treated as such! If you eat cookies with your coffee or tea every night, or if you buy your lunch everyday that’s not a treat! That is part of your regular diet! Even if you just get a donut once a week, it is still part of your regular routine! A treat is something that happens once in a while, something that you earned and won’t regret. Food should be enjoyed, not something that you enjoy for the moment and then punish yourself for afterwards! This is a vicious cycle of food punishment and guilt that will keep you in your fat body forever. This may sound harsh and mean but it’s true. Stop treating yourself like shit, and you won’t feel like shit! Don’t force yourself to eat clean, eat salads, and then go blow it on ice cream. It doesn’t make any sense. Don’t call yourself fat, hate your body, try to change it, and then ultimately go back to your old ways. Notice how I said “try” because trying isn’t doing, this is because you never committed to changing your body and your life. You either make the decision to lead a better life or you don’t. If you’re not willing to cut down your sweets for good, to a level where if you eat them it’s a real treat, then you will never have long-lasting positive change made to your body.

As the saying goes “you are what you eat,” can’t be more true. If you want to feel good in your own skin, and have a healthier body fat percentage, then you need to feed yourself better in order to look better. You need to change the way you talk to yourself, and therefore the way you treat yourself. You need to understand that you can have the body you want, that you deserve it, you deserve to feel sexy and good about yourself. Eating healthier food is not a punishment, it’s not gross, it’s a reward! And the rewards from eating healthy last way longer than how awesome that piece of cheesecake was! Cheesecake tastes and feels good only for the moment that you’re actually eating it, but usually after that you don’t always feel so good, and well if you eat enough of it lol you certainly won’t look good haha But if you eat your veggies, protein, complex carbohydrates etc you will not only feel good long-term, you will start looking better, which will have you feeling better. If you start to feel better and look better, you start treating yourself better, and you will therefore take better care of yourself. Maybe even take more selfies? lol But seriously if you feel hot you want to show it off, and people will notice and will give you positive reinforcement, which will only encourage you to do more of the healthy stuff… Isn’t that enough to make it worth it? Pictures of you looking hot, feeling amazing, last way longer than desert, and so do the memories and the feelings associated with that.

So, if you want to lose weight and still have a life here are my rules that you need to follow in order to do so. These will only work if you’ve committed to making this lifelong change of feeling and looking better.

  1. Meal Prep! Always make sure that no matter where you’re going you have food packed and ready to go for the day. Whether you’re going to work, or running errands all day, you never want to be stuck without food. If you want to be successful at anything, you need to be prepared to be successful. This is why meal prep is so important! If you pack your meals and bring them with you wherever you go, you are never stuck getting random food from the drive-thru. You will always know what you’re eating. You can’t expect to lose weight if you’re not prepared with the tools to do so! No matter where I’m going I always have food packed, weighed and measured. Obviously my food prep is a lot more strict because I do shows, but eating a quest bar on the go is much better than eating a bagel. People will make fun of you for bringing your food everywhere, but who cares, your ass looks better than theirs 😛 haha remember that! I have eaten before going to the bar in my car, I brought my lunch box to the mall, 0 fucks given over here cause I know that eating my healthy packed food will have me saving $$ and my booty by staying consistent with my nutrition.
  2. Eat every 2-3 hours! Eat consistently and don’t skip meals!! This ties in well with making sure you always have food with you so you’re not stuck somewhere starving! If you’re starving you will most likely over eat later to make up for it. Staying fueled throughout the day will help keep you from hitting the 3/4 o’clock wall, where you crash and feel exhausted. This will help keep your metabolism going, keep you energized, and full.
  3. Eat protein! Make sure you have a protein source in every meal! So many people don’t eat enough! It is so important, especially if you’re working out! Protein is important in the growth and maintenance of muscle, it is also the slowest burning fuel source for your body, so it will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Most people eat way too many carbs and not enough protein, this is why a lot of us are soft and chubby.
  4. Eat as clean and as unprocessed as possible. Dieting and eating healthy does not need to be complicated. You don’t need crazy bars or shakes etc Eat your veggies, protein (eggs, egg whites, chicken, fish), fruits, and complex carbs like oats and you’re golden! Stupid shit like thinsations are empty calories, that don’t even fill you up anyway! Why? Because they’re not whole foods. Eat real food and you will feel and look better, simple as that!
  5. Treats are once in a blue moon. Treats are foods that are high in fat and sugar. Choose your treats wisely, and enjoy them! Just don’t eat a treat all the time. Follow the first 4 rules, and keep treats to a minimum and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t lose weight and feel good! Alcohol is a treat, cookies, boxed foods, chocolate. Stay away from it all!!

If you still feel lost, if you need more support and guidance, or if you really want to take your body to the next level of lean then ask a professional for help! Find a good trainer, coach, or dietician/nutritionist and learn about food and macro-nutrients. Do your own research! Take control of your body and your health! Stop crying about it and change it! Be committed, stay consistent and you will be successful! If you follow these 5 rules no matter what you’re doing, you will see lasting changes in your body. But it takes work, and time to meal prep, grocery shop etc. However, it is so worth it!

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