Toned? or Skinny? Toned, the new word for skinny…

As a trainer, especially a female trainer, I think the most frustrating word I hear on a constant basis coming from most women seeking out training is that they want to be “toned.” Whatever that means…LOL But once I clarify what they mean by “toned” (because everyone has their own definition) I realize that really they just want to be skinny. But being “skinny” isn’t cool anymore, but “toned” is. It’s really funny actually, because loads of women come to me and they want to “tone” they don’t want to get “bulky,” they just want to tighten up and see definition. Now, I’m not trying to shit on your goals, and tell you there’s something wrong with wanting to lean out because there’s nothing wrong with that, but most women don’t have enough muscle mass to begin with! So if they were to lean out and tighten up, you are just going to look like a rail. Once all the fat and water is gone, most women don’t have enough muscle on them to see any real definition or muscle tonality. Therefore, if you don’t build some lean mass first before you try to “tone” aka lean out, then you will just look like a rail.

Not enough women lift weights on a regular basis to have a solid base of muscle! So when these women come to me asking to lean out and look toned, they don’t have the experience in the gym, or the muscle to look good lean. So ladies, if you want to lean out, look like a fitness model, don’t be afraid to lift weights!! Build some solid muscle on you first and then, cut the fluff. You will look much healthier and toned if you did that, then if you did a straight cut and just got skinny. Because without a solid base of muscle, that’s all you’re really doing.

Even when I was getting ready for my first show, I just did a 3 month cut (15 weeks). Now to be fair, I did have more muscle than most girls when I did my cut, however, looking back at it I got really skinny looking. I felt really small, especially in my upper body, and I didn’t look as healthy at the time as I do now leaning out for my next show in 3 weeks. I didn’t have the muscle base like I do now, especially in my upper body. Now when I’m leaning out, I feel better. I fell like I look healthier, more shapely, more proportioned and so on. Building my back, shoulders, and arms in the off-season gave me more balance in my body. Ladies, building a wider back, and bigger shoulders will give you a NICE V-TAPER AKA MORE OF AN HOURGLASS SHAPE! Muscles give the body shape, your ass is a muscle bitch! If you want it to be round and high then you need to lift/push some heavy shit! Stop saying I want to be toned!!! Get strong, lift weights, build shape, so when you lean out you have definition from the muscles you worked so hard to build! But hey, that’s only if you really want to be toned and not just skinny… If you want to be skinny cool, I can’t tell you how to live your life, just know the difference…


October 7th 2014, me on prep for my first bikini show last year at just under 5 weeks out… I was way smaller and skinnier further out from my show last year. I think this proves my point about need muscle mass before you lean out ๐Ÿ˜›

Taken yesterday September 16th 2015, 3.5 weeks out from my first figure show on October 10th 2015!11906179_914548098606276_59024460_n


4 thoughts on “Toned? or Skinny? Toned, the new word for skinny…”

  1. As a female trainer, I hear the same desire for a “toned” body from women all the time. Sigh…I wish more women understood what you’re saying… Thanks for saying it.
    –Joan ๐Ÿ™‚

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