Serious about cutting weight? Here are some of my tips for successful weightloss

  1. Educate yourself!! If you’re serious about cutting some weight and keeping it off then you first need to educate yourself about diet and nutrition or seek out professional help! If you have no idea what foods to eat, how food effects your body, or anything about calories and macro-nutrients, then how are you going to get the body you want?! You are what you eat and that cannot be more true! There are so many myths about food and diet, and a ton of marketing out there to have you believe that the boxed items you’re buying on the shelf are actually healthy. NEWS FLASH! MOST PROCESSED FOODS THAT COME IN BOXES OR BAGS ARE NOT GOOD FOR YOU!! Please for the sake of your health and waistline be more mindful of what you ingest on a regular basis. Don’t treat your body like a garbage can and put whatever looks good in it LOL Honestly, if you’re overwhelmed, because it can be quite overwhelming ask for help! Talk to a professional and learn how to eat properly! However, I will shed a little bit of light in this post on some solid tips to at least get you on the right track!
  2. Eat real food… Vegetables, meat, eggs, fruits. Anything you find on the outside of the supermarket. The less it’s been touched by a human before it made it into the store the better (meaning it was less processed, less un-natural shit added to it etc). This also means that it will most likely have more nutrients in it. And honestly, I know a lot of you are so fucking lazy but let’s be real here, you can pay a little extra and get pre-washed pre-cut veggies and fruit that you literally can just throw in a bowl and make a salad. Come on people! It’s not that fucking hard! Plus the more meals you prepare yourself, the more control you have over your body and your pocket-book just saying…
  3. Along with educating yourself and eating real food, read the nutritional labels on the boxed items you buy! Ingredients are listed from the biggest amount to the smallest amount found in the product. Nutella for example, SUGAR is the first ingredient LOL there is no way that shit is healthy so use it sparingly! Vector is marketed as a healthy cereal but again look at how much sugar there is per serving, you probably don’t measure your food before you put it in the bowl either so you’re most likely eating more sugar than what it says. Try to buy foods that are low in sugar, high in fiber and protein. The Fiber and the protein should be higher than the sugar/carb in the product. Especially if it’s a yogurt LOL check the label you will be surprised how many yogurt are out there with more sugar than protein per serving… Plain Greek yogurt is the way to go if you must have dairy. If you can’t handle not having sugar in your yogurt just yet, then add fruit or a little bit of honey. That way you are in control of the sugar level, and you can always wean yourself off the honey to a point where you’re just having plain yogurt and berries.
  4. Be consistent! Consistency is key to being successful in anything you do! When it comes to your diet and losing weight you need to not only consistently eat through out the day, but you must eat well (nutritious and healthy) everyday. You can’t be on top of your game from Monday to Friday, fall off on the weekend and make up for it Monday. You will never lose the weight, and get the body you want. You need to consistently eat well all day, everyday, and have a cheat meal, ONE MEAL, or re-feed meal depending on your diet/goals. This cheat meal happens once in a while. It is earned, and it is needed to help shake up your body for more weight loss and to help with your mental toughness. It’s not a once a week deal, you maybe get a cheat meal once every 4-6 weeks depending. Doing this and making your cheat meal an earned treat, helps you to really enjoy the food you eat during this cheat and it helps to combat any feeling of guilt. You shouldn’t feel guilty about food, it should be enjoyed! Just understand the consequences of your treats and keep them to a minimum to reduce their effects, and if anything use them in a positive way.
  5. Have a plan! None of this matters if you don’t have a plan, if you don’t have a plan then you plan to fail. It’s as simple as that! You need to know how you’re going to eat, and what you’re going to eat everyday according to your specific goals so that you can therefore reach your goal. Don’t know where to start? That’s when you need to educate yourself, or seek professional help. There are even food services that will cook clean meals for you that are portion controlled! All you have to do is know what your macro-nutrient limits are for the day and order your foods accordingly. There are so many resources out there at your disposal, that if you were really serious about losing weight there is no reason why you cannot succeed! Educate yourself, learn how to eat, and GET HELP! There is no shame in asking for help! It can change your life, and leave you feeling great! Just be mindful about where you seek your help. Do your research, look up reviews, get more than one opinion, and ultimately follow your intuition. If it doesn’t feel right, find someone else who coincides more with your values.



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