Will drinking Protein Powder help with weight loss?

I didn’t realize how many people were under the assumption that drinking protein powder would help them lose weight until one of my clients asked me about protein powder last week…


So here it is, protein powder is a protein supplement. Meaning, it will help you reach your protein macro-nutrient goals. It is an economical way to consume protein without eating a bunch of meat products all the time. The only way that protein powders will help you lose weight is by helping you hit your macros everyday. By hitting your macro-nutrient goals everyday, you will get closer and closer to the physique you’re looking for. That is honestly the only way that protein powder would help with weight loss. It is important to eat enough protein during the day to help grow and maintain muscle tissue.

Protein powder is a very economical food source, because of it’s volume and long shelf life. In addition, if you don’t like eating a lot of meat, or if you’re a vegetarian for example, there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan protein powder supplements to choose from to help make sure that you are getting enough protein in your diet. Just make sure that when you’re buying protein, that you’re buying a quality protein that has no additives or preservatives. Also, if you’re looking at your standard whey protein powders, make sure you are buying a whey protein isolate. These are generally lactose free, and have a higher protein content. Also, if weight loss is your goal, make sure that your protein has no added sugars, and is low carb. Again, a whey protein isolate that is of high quality will be low carb. I typically look for whey protein powders that are sweetened with Stevia. Stevia is a zero calorie plant extract that is used as a sweetning agent.

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