Do you like to Dance? If so, why not come join me?!

I like to dance, and I’m pretty good at it. When I was still at school at Wilfrid Laurier University, and I was working for Goodlife Fitness at the time, I was asked to start teaching Zumba. Let’s just say, it was a natural fit. I started out with one Zumba class a week that grew to 6 Zumba classes in my last year at Laurier! I still teach Zumba, and because Zumba is my most popular class (other than Bootcamp) it makes sense that now that I’m starting my own business, I would start with 3 Zumba classes a week. I actually blogged about this before when I did my Halloween For Hunger Zumba Food Drive. That was me putting myself out there, and letting the world know that I was planning to launch my own business of group classes, and personal training.

If you’re interested in coming out to try a class, let me know! I would LOVE to see you there! I teach Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 pm and Sundays at 10 am, at Sweatshop Union Fitness in Oakville. The address is 2857 Sherwood Heights, Oakville Ontario. Leave a comment or email me at for more information!

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