Welcome To my Fitness and Lifestyle Blog!

Hi Everyone! This is my first time writing a blog, and I’m really excited to get started! I’m starting a blog because I would like to share with the world my knowledge and passion for fitness and nutrition! I am a personal trainer, and I have recently gotten into Bodybuilding. I did my first show last November as a Bikini Athlete. Since then, I’ve done a bulking or “growing phase” and now I am prepping for my next show in October as a Figure Athlete. As a trainer I’ve always gotten tons of questions from friends, family, and clients about fitness and nutrition, and now especially that I compete, I get even more questions about what I do to get ready for shows and my experiences etc. So I thought, why not start a blog? And share with the world not only my knowledge for fitness and nutrition, but ┬ámy experiences as a competitor. I guess you could say that I realized that even though most people have no interest in competing in a Bodybuilding show, they are interested in what it’s all about. So here it is! My first blog post of many! I hope you learn something new from my experiences, and that my posts about fitness and nutrition are helpful to you in some way! Happy Reading Guys! I look forward to the relationships I build in the blogging world!!!